Feeding Therapy for Picky Eaters!

Tips and Tricks To Help With Your Picky Eater!

Picky Eaters… How can we help?

“I don’t want that!” “That looks gross!” “Ew, I’m not eating that.” 

If you have kids, you’ve likely heard these phrases before and may have felt a bit flustered. However, when your child is truly a picky eater, these words can cause a parent some anxiety. 

Here at Building Blocks Pediatric Therapy, we work with children on expanding their palates in a fun (and sometimes messy) way! We meet the child where they’re currently eating comfortably, and strive for slow and steady progress from there. We pride ourselves on a stress-free feeding environment, making children more likely to participate (and be successful) in their feeding therapy.

While waiting for a feeding evaluation, a few pointers to try improving feeding time at home:

  • Try to make feeding time fun! Let them help you cook- mix, pour, knead dough- the more exposures with food, even if they aren’t eating it, the better! 
  • Talk about the foods that you’re eating, even if it’s different from theirs. The more knowledge they have on a food, the more comfortable they will feel.
  • Try to find similarities in foods that they currently like. For example, “Wow, look! This sweet potato cracker is the same shape as your favorite Ritz crackers! That’s so neat!” 

Feel free to give us a call today to schedule your child’s feeding evaluation. We’d love to help them learn to enjoy different foods, and help you feel less stressed at mealtimes! 


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